vending machine

The African Vending Machine market is so vast that it’s difficult to know which suppliers are legitimate, and when they are, how reliable they are in terms of stocking parts and delivering services that are relevant to buyers.

As a buyer, therefore, you risk being exposed to unscrupulous suppliers. They take advantage of high demand by selling bad quality parts and vending machines or charge exorbitant prices.  

How do you ensure then that you’re not being ripped off?

  • Choose a supplier that is a re-seller of well-known brands.
  • Ensure the company in question is in accordance with the good business practices act and everything is in-line.
  • The presence of established brands will also keep a lid on overall prices at that supplier. 
  • Look for suppliers that have been around for at least a number of of years. They wouldn’t have survived this long in a cut-throat business without keeping customers happy in terms of quality and price.
  • Opt for a supplier that offers a support and advice service. People are an organisation’s most expensive overhead. Companies that simply want to unload their bad quality parts on unsuspecting buyers won’t commit to meeting large payrolls.
  • And, of course, a reliable vending company will also be prepared to guarantee its products.
  • Choose a supplier that has a stringent quality measurements in place to ensure you receive only the best standards in terms of quality assurance.
  • Ensure a minimum of 6 months guarantee on all mechanical parts
  • lastly choose an accredited supplier, one that has been approved by the vending association of South Africa.

At Just Vend, we meet all these criteria and then go a couple of steps further to ensure that our customers are always satisfied: we deliver anywhere in Africa.

Our Guarantee.